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I have the talent of getting tired without doing nothing

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Things that lower abortion rates:

  • Better access to condoms
  • Accessible birth control 
  • Accessible Plan - B pills
  • Comprehensive sex education

Things that do not lower abortion rates:

  • Abstinence-Only sex education
  • Banning contraceptives
  • Shaming people who have sex or get abortions
  • Making abortion illegal

Friendly daily reminder that the entire pro-life movement is basically pointless and counterproductive

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It means that I empathize with and respect my child as her own person. I do not set routines but observe Samantha natural rhythms and meet her needs. Knowing her allows me to be the best parent from her. I don’t demand respect or obedience, but show her respect so she learns it for herself first so she is better able to give others respect as she grows older. As a child she doesn’t owe anyone anything. I don’t view any of her behavior as bad behavior, even when she is being cheeky, and see every frustrated moment as a need unmet and a way to learn. I explain things to her in detail and do not ignore questions that make me feel umcomfortable. If a child is old enough to ask a question, they are old enough for the anseer. I don’t believe in self soothing. Soothing yourself is not an in ate ability but a developmental stage. Children need to be cared for and soothed by tgeir parents in order to learn to soothe thenselves and show compassion to others. There is no forced seperation, before independence comes dependence. Independence comes with trust. I don’t set goals for Sammy and reward her as I’m not looking to train her. She helps around the house if she wants, but it’s based off her desire to care for her home which I teach her through caring for our home, not for an end reward. Recognize that every child develops diffrrently, there is no “average kid”. Many parents try to change their child’s behavior to fit in better with their lives, but parents need to understand it’s their job to make changes to help their child cope with growing up. Be easy on vhildren, your frustrations don’t deserve to be enacted on them. Boundaries and limits are vital to the development of children, but it is ok to be flexible and understand what boundaries should be met (safety, health)